PKA provides high quality aerial photography for clients across the country. Aerial photographs are commonly used for development advertising and brochures and, thanks to superb image quality, we can also provide detailed condition surveys & site progress photography, where required.

We supply aerial photographs that provide complete coverage of your site taken using a 50 million pixel high resolution camera. One will be a plan shot looking vertically straight down, followed by images to show the site in its surroundings and detailed close up oblique aerial photographs to show your site in detail.

All of our aerial photographs are geo-referenced allowing you to pinpoint exactly where the image was taken from. All of this is included in our standard package, as is full copyright to all aerial photographs supplied.

We use helicopters as they provides us with greater operational flexibility and allow us to fly further and faster to cover multiple sites in one day and where it would not be possible to achieve such 'shots' with our drone. Helicopters also provide us with the ability to carry quality equipment.

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