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a few examples of our work

graphic hoarding combined with sales centre design - tanked show unit and sales centre

microsite & website example links - varying styles

video examples - SM, show/sales unit & promo

Designed for SM and used as part of their successful pitch

Used to generate overseas interest - 2 out of 5 £1.5M apartments sold from plan as a result

Lifestyle video used on screen in sales centre

Peaky Blinders - Re-edit of previous advert for April Fools' day

BoKlok opening pitch video - after a multi-hour presentation, we were told that we had the instructions after the video had played and could have saved ourselves a lot of work!

brochure examples - hopefully, a broad cross-section

Hurley House - high end apartments view

RUB1X - Asian buyer / investor focused view client loved the branding as was in the UB1 postcode

Vanburgh Court - investor focused apartment brochure view

Boklok - JV IKEA & Skanska view (very IKEA!) first time buyer focused

Performance Point - lifestyle heavy end-user focus view

Hertford House - RP focused brochure view

The Acorns - very trad end-user type brochure view

Panorama - town centre first time buyer apartments view

plus loads of paper adverts, leaflets, window cards & displays etc....

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